The R.E.A.L Secrets Every Woman Wants To Know to Attract ‘the ONE’!

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Is this you?
  • you’re confident in your career, but you’re not emotionally confident in love.
  • you’re divorced or broken up from a long-term relationship that has left you doubting your choices.
  • the relationship you’re in has you thinking “something’s missing”– you’re not on the same page anymore but you’re not ready to give up.
  • you rarely go on a second date even though you’re a great catch, either because he’s not exactly what you’re looking for or when you think he is, he disappears.
  • you’re cautious in the beginning because you don’t want to get hurt. But before you know it, you’re left heartbroken because it did not work out (but if you’re honest with yourself, you “knew” it was doomed all along).

Stressed business woman
You thought you’d have it all together by now and

Love Testimonials

“I’m a confident woman yet when it comes to love I feel so indecisive.  Jen was so good at helping me recognize that I had the ability to think, react and make decisions BY myself, FOR myself in love and everywhere else.  She helped me get out of the mindset that was holding me back.  She also helped me get clear about what I really wanted for myself.” ~Yoga Instructor

“Even though I came to Jen initially from the result of a bad relationship, really the relationship I needed to improve is the one I had with myself. Once you know who you are and what you want – everything else will fall into place!” ~Project Manager

…It’s Time to Get R.E.A.L

Because You Deserve Your Own Love Story

  • easily attracting a loving man you can trust and count on.
  • communicating your desires effectively to connect on a deeper level.
  • confidently talking to any man, anytime as an empowered woman.
  • not wasting your precious time with the wrong men.
  • spotting the red flags from a mile away and what to do about them.
  • meeting and bonding with the kind of man that loves and accepts you fully and shares your same life goals.     Loving couple hugging outdoors with the look at the sunset. Roma
That sounds pretty amazing right?
It’s only 6 weeks away when you join the
Get REAL Get Love Class!

A 6-Week Program for professional women who are tired of not getting results in their love lives and are ready to experience the transformation that will attract great men, great love and a great life!

Love Testimonials

“I just know having you on my team helped me to attract the greatest guy I’ve ever met, that I now call my husband.” ~Therapist

“Arlene coached me along the way to keep an open mind and give the relationship time. She saw something that I didn’t at first. The end result is that I fell in love and am engaged to be married. I might not have continued the relationship and I couldn’t have done this without her support and guidance.” ~Physician

This Group Program Will Change Your Life!
Get REAL, Get Love is a 6-week group program designed to increase your confidence and ultimately help you be your own matchmaker whether you’re 35 or 65! When you get REAL you stop denying your true desires and you’re able to communicate them clearly without being afraid that ‘Mr. Right’ will walk away. During this program you’ll learn to manifest the love and life you’ve been longing for. You’ll swap out and overcome the thinking that’s kept you stuck for new empowering beliefs that will guarantee you happy and healthy relationships! When you complete this program, don’t be surprised that all the other important areas in your life: finances, health, career also SKYROCKET!
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Here’s What You Get When You Get R.E.A.L.
Review. Establish. Abandon. Live in Love.
Modules 1 & 2 / Week 1 Preparing yourself to Receive; Setting Strong Intentions, Taking Inventory of Your Past Relationships, Starting to Cultivate a Love Mindset!
  • Step into a success mindset (that sticks) so you can open yourself up to receive love on your terms!
  • Uncover any patterns that have kept you from achieving YOUR version of happiness and love in the past
Modules 3 & 4 / Week 2 Creating Your New Love Story, Connecting to Innermost Desires, Take An Unwavering Stand For Yourself!
  • Gain confidence and have clarity in your vision of love
  • Know your worth and core values and walk your talk!
Modules 5 & 6 / Week 3 Falling In Love With Yourself Unapologetically, Vibrating at a Level to Manifest Your Perfect Man.
  • Discover what sets you apart, makes you unique, and magnetizes your dream guy
  • Attract a man that supports you, loves you and respects you
Modules 7 & 8 / Week 4 Transforming Your Vulnerabilities Into Empowerment, Becoming Visible and Irresistible.
  • Release the past and make space for your new love
  • Reveal any blocks that have been holding you back, keeping you single or in the wrong relationship
Modules 9 & 10 / Week 5 Honing in on Your Intuition and Becoming a Decisive Woman, Mastering the Art of Feminine Power In Relationships.
  • Expose any patterns that have kept you from achieving YOUR version of happiness and success in the past
  • Reconnect to your intuition so you can accurately “read” men, easily communicate in your relationships and make confident decisions that move you forward in love and in life
Modules 11 & 12 Week 6 Committing to Nurturing Your Relationships, Pulling it All Together!
  • Set an actionable plan to create new opportunities for meeting ‘Mr. Right’
  • Solve the mystery of where the right men are

Love Testimonials

“How often are you unaware how you or certain traits of yours are perceived by the other? Therefore, coaching is a critical success factor. Arlene and her team have been outstanding at this. I am glad to say that after a year and merging our lives we are engaged and plan to get married later this year”. ~Pharmaceutical Executive

“I met Jen at one of her workshops after a devastating break up. I was struggling adjusting to single life and what that meant for me, once my significant other was no longer in my life and I felt lost. Jen’s private sessions and phone calls steadily increased my self-awareness and built up my confidence.  This allowed me to be more comfortable with who I was as a person and stop allowing other people to influence me in a negative way.” ~Corporate Executive

“Luck is When Preparation Meets Opportunity” ~Seneca
Here’s What You Get When You Get R.E.A.L.
Review. Establish. Abandon. Live in Love.
  • 1 Live Orientation Call with Q&A to set strong intentions and prepare you to get the most out of the program and our time together!
  • 12 Downloadable Course Modules to help you dive deep into every part of your love journey to attract high quality men, break free of toxic cycles and have an enviable love life.
  • 6 Live Coaching Calls with Q&A time with Arlene and Jen to receive personal laser coaching, a chance to review past and upcoming exercises for more powerful results.
  • Downloadable Recordings of All Orientation/Training/Q&A Calls so you can listen and re-listen anytime and from anywhere you want.
  • One personalized 30-Minute Pre Program Session to hear your back story and get to know your specific challenges before you begin the program (You can have a breakthrough just in this session alone)
  • Lifetime Member Site Access to Training and Bonus Video Tutorials

Get 5 Game-Changing Bonuses! We know you can have amazing results with these additional bonuses that really make this course invaluable!

Image Video Module
(Valued at $250)
Find your own personal style while looking fabulous! A course taught by Lisa Emelo, Image Consultant trained by Stacey London from TLC’s “What Not to Wear”.
Highly Engaged Private Facebook Group
Join an intimate group of amazing women like yourself who are conquering their love destiny! We create a community of sisterhood and support that is absolutely vital through your transformation. A safe place where you can get non-judgmental support. A place where you’ll receive our best love hacks on having a happy, healthy and an off the hook relationship with yourself and your best friend, lover and partner. A place that you can come in and feel inspired about love and life every single day.
2-45 Minute Coaching Calls
(Valued at $500)
2 X 45 Minute Private Coaching Calls one each with Jen & Arlene to help you laser in and get extra direction before and after the program. For many of you, this may be the first time getting support about love so we want you to feel safe and supported throughout this process.
Complete Online Dating Profile
(Valued at $375)
Want the very best profile and really increase your odds of attracting “the ONE” then you want our full service profile writing: 1-Hour strategy session; Attention Grabbing Username and Tagline; Write/re-write a unique ‘About me’ profile section; Up to 3 Profile edits based on feedback (if needed); Review up to 50 photos with recommendations for 5 to 10. The ultimate package for the serious dater!
These bonuses alone are worth over $1,000 combined The REAL overall value is $3,575! Take advantage of these Introductory Prices, that won’t be offered this low again!
Pay in Full $497
4 EZ-Payments of $148.25
Billed every 2 weeks.

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Join Now

Pay In Full Now & Take 6-Months To Pay Off Your Bill
Don’t let another day, another minute or another second go by that you’re not prioritizing LOVE. We all deserve to love and be loved so get started now.


What if I can’t afford this?

There’s a payment plan of 4 installments billed every 2 weeks to make it very convenient for you. AND you can checkout with PayPal credit, which will give you 6 full months to payoff your bill with no interest. We don’t want money to be a barrier to love.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the low price point, we do not offer refunds.

When will the course begin and when does it end?

The program kicks with an orientation pre-call March 28th and officially starts April 4th with a coaching call and access to 2 digestible modules each week for 6 weeks with a break mid-April. Program ends week of May 13th.

Is this program only for single women?

No, Get REAL Get Love will benefit any woman who’s looking to dive deep in self love, desires a more fulfilling love life and better relationships with men.

I’m a confident and strong professional woman, will this program benefit me?

Most of our clients are professional business women who are confident in many areas of their lives who have greatly benefited from our coaching.

I’m in a different timezone will I miss the calls?

This program is available to anyone anywhere. There are prerecorded self-paced modules sent out weekly. The live calls are recorded and made available online. Questions for Q&A can be emailed or posted into our Facebook community that include coaching hours for maximum flexibility. 1:1 coaching calls are scheduled at your convenience.

I’m really busy, how many hours a week will I need to dedicate to this program?

You get what you put into this.
-2 hours for the 2 modules and
-1 hour for the live Coaching/Q&A calls.

Can I take advantage of the bonuses if I’m not local?

Bonuses are designed to be taken advantage of anywhere there is Internet.



We promise to show up ready and eager to share life-changing information. We will provide ongoing support through your transformation. We won’t forget about you after the program… there’s a 30-day post-program call built into your package to address any challenges or celebrate your success!

R.E.A.L Dispels Many Myths Like:
  • “If it’s meant to be it will happen.”
  • “If you’re patient, someday Prince Charming will come knocking on your door.”
  • “Love will happen organically.”
  • “I need to have my career or life together before I can have a relationship.”
  • “I should wait for my kids to grow up before I focus on my love life.”
  • “Prioritizing my love life means that I’m desperate.”

A happy African American man and woman couple in their thirties sitting at home together cuddling & laughing.
Hey True Love Seeker…
  • You are in the right place! Take being here as a sign that you’re READY to have an honest, committed and truly satisfying love this year!
  • Did you know you have to get R.E.A.L with yourself if you want to find and keep true love?
  • It’s not about games, rules or changing who you are… It’s only about one thing, always has been… Being brave enough to get R.E.A.L about love.
  • When you get R.E.A.L all the pieces will finally fall into place.