Holidays are here, are you ready to snuggle up with your honey by the fireplace? 

Or will you be left out in the cold and bitter dating world?


Ok, so maybe I am being tiny bit dramatic. BUT you are still reading so I did good 🙂

Seriously, If you are ready to settle down for the holidays with an amazing partner then this is for you!

  • Wondering where all the good men have gone…but even if you knew, you wouldn’t even know how to talk to them
  • Secretly wonder ‘What am I doing wrong?”
  • Tired of first & second dates that are dead ends that keep you confused or frustrated?
  • Wish you could connect with someone already and get out of the dating scene?
  • Tired of waiting for him to show up, speak up or make the first move?
Did you say YES to any of these questions? Then you are gonna love what I have in store for you!
Just between you and me, I’ve said yes to ALL these questions…MANY times…it was insane!
In this powerful 90 minute NO BS, cut to the chase session, you will figure out exactly what’s going on… and most importantly…HOW TO SHIFT, ASAP!

Because, the truth is, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Life is too short, too amazing, to spend another Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year Day without the person you are SO ready for!

Hot chocolate and watching the snow fall, or catching a movie on Christmas day is better done in pairs, I know, I’ve done it both ways. Alone has its perks but having someone’s broad shoulders to rest my head on… well… that’s PRICELESS!

So what are you waiting for? Christmas?

I’ve been waiting a long time to use that line on someone 🙂


  • See the red flags a mile away so you don’t spend precious time on the wrong guy and have more time for the RIGHT one, Baby
  • Know exactly where the good men are and how to approach them if you so choose
  • Connect with someone on a real level
  • Love like you’ve never been hurt before
  • Use your intuition on what your next move is so you don’t have to call your great sister and 3 best friends to ask their advice
Well you can! This is the first step, sign up for this “No More Re-Runs” Session! We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and start making GREAT things happen for you for this holiday season!

Think of it as a ‘Dear Abby’ session on steroids–only with Coach Jen. There maybe some tears, maybe some smack-downs, but definitely some laughs, all truths with 100% love, because you my friend deserve beautiful, amazing, all-consuming, honest, fun, and faithful LOVE.

It’s possible!

So here’s the dealio…
Step 1. Schedule your 90-minute ‘No More Reruns’ session
Step 2. Enter your credit card to process your $149 payment

AKA get ready to get some results.


Let’s sweeten this deal…
I really want you to have the love you want, so I’m giving you 5 days of unlimited email access that only my private coaching clients get! Email me any of your questions while you’re implementing the actions and the strategies we discussed during your session!

Jennifer Castaneda is a Love Coach trained as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Jennifer always knew she would be working to help heal hearts. Prior to working as a Love Coach, she worked as a nurse with the cardiology department at St. Joseph’s Medical Center until 2012 and she went on to teach nursing students.

Jennifer is best known for using techniques such as hypnosis, thought reframing, energy shifting and love opening 7-step system to help singles trust their decisions, let go of their past, feel genuinely complete and experience amazing love!


“She gave me tools right away to empower me…”
Before working with Jennifer, I was struggling with relationships and trusting my decision making around choosing the right relationships. I knew that my problems were related to childhood issues but I didn’t have the tools to help me heal these issues at the root so the patterns kept repeating. In enters Jennifer…. she was a Godsend by validating my feelings, giving me hope and providing me with the right tools to empower me. Working with Jennifer has been a life-changing and enlightening experience and I’m so thrilled that I’m finally feeling that I am on the right path!

~ Christina G.

“I met an amazing man that I am currently getting to know!”
I originally contacted Jennifer because I felt that I needed help in finding a man. I had never had a serious relationship and it certainly was not from lack of trying.

Working with Jennifer has been an eye opening experience . I have learned so much about myself and why I relate to those around me the way that I do. I always looked forward to my sessions with her because I discover something new about myself every time. She empowers me to make better choices for myself.

Since working with Jennifer not only has she helped me relate to men in a much better way , I have seen a major difference in how I relate to others. I could barely get along with my sister-in-law and now our relationship has improved tremendously. I had trouble standing up for myself when it came to my sister, but now I have the tools to help empower me. I have learned to listen to myself and trust the choices that I make without having to look for others to give me answers.

My outlook on life in general has changed as well; instead of trying to figure everything out, I’m trusting that things will work out. I am enjoying life more. And I met an amazing man that I am currently getting to know! I highly recommend working with Jennifer!!

~ Walkida B.

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