1. When you are serious about finding love and you make an investment for yourself to work with a matchmaker, you ultimately save time, money and aggravation.

2. Matchmakers offer a pre-screening process to help make sure you meet singles with the same core values.

3. Matchmakers listen for your wants and needs, then they help you develop realistic standards and criteria to meet your relationship goal.

4. A good matchmaker is honest and tactful with his/her clients when critiquing their appearance.

5. Some matchmakers like AVConnexions conduct a background check for all your potential dates.

6. Lack of dating experience for newly divorced men and women can be daunting especially when you have kids at home. A matchmaker can offer guidance and access to many singles.

7. Avoid dating burnout. Using a matchmaker is the easiest, most time-efficient way to meet people who are your potential match without having dating burnout.

8. You have a history of making bad dating choices and you need an objective professional to guide you.

9. A matchmaker eliminates the “why didn’t he call me again” after a first date syndrome, because we require feedback from both client and candidate after every introduction.

10. Stop paying the “singles tax”. Carrying the full burden of a mortgage, holidays and bills all adds up and ~43% of people who live alone don’t go on vacation.