Arlene Vasquez Washburn

Speaker | Radio & TV Guest Expert | Group Coach

Certified Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Creator of, Get REAL, Get Love Coaching System, Founder of AVConnexions

Arlene Vasquez Washburn is a leader in the Matchmaking Industry, with some fairy tale successes to her name. Arlene is the CEO of the Matchmaking Institute in New York City the only State Licensed School in the world established in 2003.

Arlene founded AVConnexions to offer top-level matchmaking, singles events, dating and relationship coaching for professionals. Her keen intuition, combined with adept recruitment skills, has won Arlene widespread acclaim for her matchmaking and relationship coaching across multiple channels.

Arlene travels worldwide, speaking to inspire singletons and as a mentor, trainer, consultant and recruiter for other matchmakers.  She’s the resident relationship expert on WOR 710 Radio, New York’s #1 Talk Radio Station, a contributor to Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life Magazine, and featured on Cosmo Sirius® Radio, YourTango, Project Eve and Telemundo, the largest Hispanic TV station.

With 20 years of marketing background behind her, Arlene experienced, first hand, the struggles of building intimate, personal relationships while working 12-14 hour days. From marrying her perfect match to pairing a woman who got married for the first time at the age of sixty, Arlene is the kind of matchmaker who walks her talk.

Arlene is passionate about helping women have healthy relationships with themselves and their significant other. Having cracked the code herself, she now shares all her findings as the creator behind the Get REAL, Get Love® Group Coaching System for Women.

Arlene is the Board President of The Divorce Support Professionals, past President of the Board of Directors for the YWCA of Bergen County, and recognized by the Continental Who’s Who.

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Get REAL, Get Love Coaching or Workshop

Get REAL, Get Love is a 6-week group program designed to increase your confidence and ultimately help you be your own matchmaker whether you’re 35 or 65! When you get REAL, you stop denying your true desires, and you’re able to communicate them clearly without being afraid that ‘Mr. Right’ will walk away. During this program, you’ll learn to manifest the love and life you’ve been longing for. You’ll swap out and overcome the thinking that’s kept you stuck for new empowering beliefs that will guarantee you happy and healthy relationships! When you complete this program, don’t be surprised that all the other important areas of your life: finances, health, career also SKYROCKET!

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