Like it or not, when you see someone that you don’t know or that you just met for the first time it’s their appearance that counts.  So the question is why are so many single men and women willing to go around town looking disheveled and unkempt?  This is an interesting dynamic because singles ask me all the time, “Where do I meet a man (women)”? I say, everywhere!  People are everywhere; the key is to put your best foot forward by looking your best when you run into that person who just might be “the one”.  Let’s face it, once we get past the appearance there needs to be substance, chemistry and many other things. Still, initially it is all about first impressions.  Therefore, here are some things to consider: 

  • Get your teeth whitened; most people do not realize how yellow their teeth look.  For a few dollars, you can get over the counter teeth whiteners that will change your smile.
  • Men, look in the mirror and clip off the excess hair growing in your ears and nose; it makes you look older.
  • Ladies, do not cake on the make-up especially in the summer; sometimes, less is more.
  • Unless you are coming home from the gym, there is no need to walk around town in sneakers; leave that to teenagers.  If the issue is comfort, there are plenty of stylish and comfortable loafers for men and sandals for women.
  • Wear clothes that fit properly.  I am a big proponent of working with an image consultant that can help you pick clothes and colors that are right for you.

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