Ever wonder why some of the most confident, fun and loving women have a hard time finding a loving committed relationship that feels right?

For myself, I thought I couldn’t find one for SO many reasons:

  • The good ones were just too nice or boring.
  • They just weren’t my type.
  • They didn’t light me up.
  • There weren’t any good guys out there.

But when I got REAL with myself I realized the truth was:

  • I believed deep-down that love had to be struggle.
  • I didn’t want to be hurt.
  • I was scared to make mistakes & start over.
  • I was afraid I’d end up alone.

These were just some of the reasons.

So on the one hand, I was confident in my nursing career, compassionate and so secure in myself. But the moment it came to men and relationships I just couldn’t fully be myself.  I wasn’t owning my truths, I emotionally hid and I was basically on autopilot feeling half happy all the time. When it finally became too exhausting to play so many roles, my heart and life were broken open.  Those were dark times but they brought with them my greatest gifts.  It’s why I do what I do today.

So, if you are a confident, fun, loving woman that is ready to find an amazing partner that loves you unconditionally, start by connecting to what LOVE truly means to you. Get REAL with what you desire.  In any situation that you get stuck, ask yourself, “If I deeply & completely loved myself what would I say or do in this moment?” Let go of past conditioning, lies, and fears that just hold you back from meeting the person who is out there looking forward to being loved by you, in the way only you can.


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