When you first meet someone and during the first few dates, try to avoid certain topics that are off-putting and can send someone running for the hills. There is time once you establish your relationship to discuss important issues, however, give yourself time to feel comfortable with someone and to prove if you actually want to be in a relationship with this person.

Here are a few topics best left alone:

1.  Try not to discuss previous relationships.

2.   Do not talk about sex especially anything you may/may not have done in previous relationships.

3.   Communicate that you have children and then drop the subject, no need to talk about them incessantly.

4.   We all love our pets, but no one wants to hear countless stories about them, suffice it to know that you both love pets, especially if this is a deal breaker then move on.

5.   Avoid questions or volunteering information about your income.

6.   Do not use sarcasm or criticize of your date, it is rude and never proper.

7.   When asked why you are not in a serious relationship, the best answer is that you have not met the right person, never say that you are “picky”, this does not explain anything and causes your date to feel they are under your scrutiny.

8.  Keep your topics light, do not go on and on about your work it is not romantic.

9.  Even if asked, avoid listing traits you look for in a partner with your date. If asked simply say that you have an open mind and chemistry is key.

10.  Never talk about your bills, debts or money issues, this screams, “GOLD DIGGER”.

11.  Don’t brag about the brands you wear and the cost of your jewelry, handbag, suit, shoes or anything you own, it’s ostentatious and off-putting.

12.  When working with a Matchmaker there is no need to talk about the matchmaker on the date, or to go over how much you paid or how many other people you’ve met through the service.  It is classless and irrelevant to your date.  The point is to engage in good conversation, to get to know one another and assess if there is chemistry for a potential relationship.