Breakthrough VIP Sessions with Arlene

  • “During my breakthrough session with Arlene I learned so much about myself, my patterns and how I’ve done the same things that I criticized my own mother for’. ~Female Candidate


  • “Arlene is a masterful matchmaker who uses her insight and intelligence to make a match. She truly listens and gets the essence of the person focusing on what is most important”. ~Female Candidate
  • “She is truly gifted and I am eternally grateful. We are a perfect match. I highly recommend her”. ~Female Candidate
  • “Arlene has been a joy to work with. Open, engaging, good looking and being a good  listener. Although our first meeting occurred during busy holiday season at the end  of the year she would make herself available to speak for an extended period of  time. She has a keen understanding of her clients’ wants and needs and has easy access to high quality matches. However, her service doesn’t stop with finding a perfect match but continues throughout the early stages of knowing your love interest, offering feedback and advice how to build trust and grow the relationship.” ~Male Client


Dating Coaching

  • “I just know having you on my team helped me to attract the greatest guy I’ve ever met. ” ~Female Coaching Client
  • “Arlene coached me along the way to keep an open mind and give the relationship time. She saw something that I didn’t at first. The end result is that I fell in love and am engaged to be married. I might not have continued the relationship and I couldn’t have done this without her support and guidance”. ~Female Candidate
  • “How often are you unaware how you or certain traits of yours are perceived by the other? Therefore coaching is a critical success factor. Arlene and her team have been outstanding at this. I am glad to say that after a year and merging our lives we are engaged and plan to get married later this year”. ~Male Client