If you know anything about Meetup.com you know it can be a great place to meet new people and try new things with other adventurers.  But if you have been an organizer you know it could also be heartbreaking when not a soul shows up.

I wrote this as I was inspired during my last “meetup”, the Single Women’s Book Club, where I picked the book Broken Open (great book so far) and while no one was showing up, it reminded me of love and life…

FYI, in my 3 years of being an organizer there have been PLENTY of ‘no one showed up’. The FIRST & most significant time was 3 years ago when I lived in Cali, I was stoked to give an earth shattering workshop on EFT and How to Increase Confidence, 10 people RSVP’d, I had the workbooks, charts and markers ready and I was as happy as a bumblebee. (I think bumblebees are happy right?) Anyway, no one showed up, every person that passed by I made eye contact with just in case they were lost.

I cried afterwards.

I was a meetup virgin and I had gotten stood up.

I mean, here we are right, at 2am thinking “I want to inspire/teach/show a group of women or men this or that”  or “I wish there was a group of people who want to learn about meditation in my city…oh why don’t I do it.” “YES! I will do it!”

So we embark on this journey of “creating a meetup”, we give it a clever name, don’t worry too much about the investment of approx. $140/yr. because you think hey, I will make it back or the experience will be worth it.

My thoughts go as deep as “I am a Leader, I am making a difference, this meetup means something to me” “I am creating a movement, this is how I standup for the love lives of women of New Jersey, educate them about the truth, show them the easier way to love and be loved”… so I click “Let’s schedule a meetup” people RSVP and I am as happy as a bumblebee.

Then the day comes, I am excited, I show up early, get a seat…and I am happy to be the first one to arrive.

10 min later…no one has arrived… maybe there’s traffic.

Minute 15… no one has arrived its cool, I’ll just read the book and finish what I set out to for myself, maybe standup the book on the table so they can see me.

(Jekyll & Hyde warning) Minute 20… no one has arrived…”WTH…why me…I don’t get it, don’t people want to build community or learn?!!!!, I do, this always happens to me, I am done with Meetup, no one keeps their word anymore, there’s no loyalty, no commitment,”  smoke is blowing out my ears. I don’t get it.  Deep breath.

Minute 21… no one has arrived… Jen, this doesn’t ALWAYS happen, and this is why you created a Meetup you loved so even if no one showed up you would still have a great time, oh yeah, that’s right. And I am committed to this movement. I will still come next week and the week after that. Because I am in love, and people who want that deserve an easier way to find it, just like me” At this point I happily grab a chai latte and go back to my table and I am as happy as a bumblebee.

Minute 22: I see a beautiful woman and her daughter carrying the book, she asks, “Are you from Meetup?”

Minute 23: Next beautiful woman arrives, and what awesome accent she has.

Minute 24: Next beautiful woman arrives, her smile just lights up the whole place.

1 hour 30 minutes later we read, talked, we are teary, laughing, and happy we all showed up.

I wrote this because this is life sometimes, we get opportunities, inspirations to do something small or big, to try something new and it might involve the participation of other people (Like dating or relationships).

We have the best intentions, put our best foot forward, show up for life. And then we don’t get the results we want. He doesn’t call. Heck, you don’t even meet him. He isn’t what you thought he was.

Therein lies the ‘GAME CHANGER’. Here is where you have a choice… to retreat… or to stand up for what you came for in the first place.


On the slight chance you might think I have a hot temper I almost didn’t write or share this. But then I remembered, I do have a hot temper! I just channel it into writing now, not walls J and to let you know that you are welcome to Join Our Single Women’s Meetup  or take our latest quiz at www.getrealgetlove.com

Can you relate to this? Comment if you can? I’d love to hear about when you said, I am still doing this IN ANY CASE—just for me!